My convert story

It all started when I was a kid at the age of 11. I had asked my dad if he could have any job in the world what would it be! He said Egyptology. I went back into school the following week and looked at Egyptology books and I was hooked for years I would watch everything about ancient Egypt, get books to read, collect ornaments… You name it i probably had it. I even had a Tutankhamun coffin cupboard!

 One day my sister was on a teen chat site and she told me she was talking to a guy (I will call him Mr A for story purposes)from Egypt. I was like omg let me talk to him…. So I did. We because very close and even started an online relationship! I was about 15-16 at this time. 

My dad had given me money for my 16th birthday a decent amount that I could even save it for a holiday. I had saved up some money from the job I got right after college. Me and Mr A decided to go Egypt for holiday and I hadnt told anyone about my online relationship at this point even though it was going on for about 6 months to a year. 

We booked the holiday with out people knowing my real reason to go… I was really going to see Mr A. If they really knew I wouldn’t been allowed to go… They only found out weeks before we went! 

We met met at the hotel I stayed in…..Love at first sight! I learnt he was muslim on the last day as some issues happened with a staff member and the subjuct arose. I didnt think off it and when i went back home. Mr A asked me to come and stay with him and his family for the summer… Crazy and stupid at the time but I was 17 at the time… So why not! And yes, my family went mental but I was old enough to do as i pleased.

I got to Mr A’s house in giza… Egypt and spent an amazing summer there! I saw all his friends and family and we all became close very quickly. And this is the first time I really saw any muslims! They informed me the do’s and don’t of islam the basics really… Dont eat pork, don’t drink alcohol…ect ect but nothing major. I saw them pray and people wear hijab.time went by and the summer ended and time to part which really did break my hurt and Mr A’s hurt, even the family cried. 

I got home and i researched like crazy about this religion they were. I wasn’t searching because I liked the religion,it didn’t bother me in the slightest, but i was interested to understand Mr A’s life style to understand him wnd my new friends way of life. I wanted to be educated to understand! I researched why hijab? Why fast? Why not eat pork or drink alcohol? Why this and why that? One youtube video after another clicking on sugguestion video that were under the video i was currently watching… I was hooked. 

I went back and forth for 9 years to Mr A’s house. Summer holiday lasting months and general weekly holidays. We were going to get married and everything. My first holiday was in 2006 with my friend and I went one or two times a year up until 2015.

About 4 years into the relationship ( 23.11.2010 at 3.16am Egyptian time) I took my shahada. I was beeming with joy smiling like a kid in a candy shop. Mr A’s family and friends where there some even cried and gave me gifts. I did it at his home nice and quiet and simple! 

Mr A and I broke up 5 years later at start 2015. We wanted different things in life and it was just putting distance in between us. We we were very close and had a very strong relationship. We ended on good terms. It was very sad and heart broking but for the sake of Allah we had to move on. 


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  1. Very beautiful story of your conversion to Islam dear. You should know that the only purpose for Mr. A was to guide to this path . Allah made him a reason so that u can become closer to Allah and to be a beautiful Muslim and spread daawa. May Allah guide you though your journey through Islam and may you guide those who are willing

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    1. I know I’m very happy that i met Mr A i wouldnt give up my memories for the world. I know Allah puts people in ones lives for a time that is needed and removes when the reason they have done their purpose. I thank Mr A for everything that has happened to me because if i hadnt met him my life wouldnt have been so amazing al hamdulilah 🙂


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