Please don’t underestimate a revert!

A rant if I may.

In the last 10 years I did my share of going back and forth in studying my religion and even had the chance to travel to a Muslim country, and a state in India that is Muslim. I have learnt a lot about Islam, cultural and cultural Islam. I would never say I know enough but my knowledge a decent. 

I find that even after my 10 years of researching and being surrounded by Muslims, being a Muslim for 6 years and traveling in and out of a Muslim country that people always underestimate me. I’m always asked do I know Islam 101 things… For example.

Do you know how to pray?…Well yes I do Al Hamdulilah Not perfectly I’m not Arab to know arabic perfectly but I know enough for salah. Sometimes I miss salah… just like everyone else. As a Muslim revert the first thing we learn is how major praying is. 

You should eat with your right and everything with your right hand! Yes I get that a lot… My problem is I’m naturally left handed give me a pen and I will write with my left. I try with my right but it isn’t natural for me no matter how much I try. I can eat with my right but after that I’m a lefty.

Can you read arabic? No, I’m not Arab I have taken a few classes but no. most Muslims are not Arab and I bet a lot of them cant read Arabic. I even know Muslims who read Arabic but don’t understand it and never read it in their native language.

Do you read quran? Yes I do but in English so I can understand. Why read and not understand I get we get more rewards for it but I rather understand

And the general little do you know this and do you know that, what about this? Look no offense… But I know. And please stop checking I spend so much time checking everything I hear and if I learn something new, I go and research about it.

I understand that people are just checking, but in all honesty a Muslim revert of many years actually could know a lot more than a born Muslim, but that is another subject for another day. Just assume the revert knows and if they had any doubt the revert will research or ask someone. It can actually be very annoying.

Not everyone will have same issues or feel the same way. This is just one’s own opinion. I hope i didn’t offend anyone or upset anyone… Feel free to ask questions InshaAllah 

Fee Amaanillah, until next time , In Shaa Allah 


2 thoughts on “Please don’t underestimate a revert!

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  1. I agree with u 100%. Sometimes, people cross question reverts as if to catch them in a lie and go “HA! You don’t know your Deen”. Its not right. I personally feel we should (if we see a revert doing something wrong) help them or teach them with kindness and sincerity. And Allah knows best.


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