From hot pants to abayas

As a revert to Islam. I’m asked all the time questions on why I became Muslim and for this, I have had to do a lot more research to back my actions. One of my reseaches led me to wearing abaya. 

I choice to wear abaya because I believe it to be the most modest form of dress, some say you can be modest with western clothes but to my personal experience says other wise.

As non Muslim I wore the typical hot pants and short dresses. I did it purely for attention from the other guys…and it work! It didn’t matter if I was with someone or not the attention was great. Made to feeling beautiful was amazing… Or so I thought. After converting to Islam I still wore next to nothing for 2 years… Truth was I didnt care what Islam said (I had my struggles), but after spending more and more time around other Muslims I did my reseach into modesty. I went from short shorts to jeans and long sleeves.. but men still hit on me. I then spent 7 months in Egypt and I was treat with so much respect. But when I returned I realised how little respect I was given just because of my clothing. Men still flirt and still tell me they wouldn’t say no, gross! It didn’t matter if I was dress decently, So I put on hijab al hamdulilah, it was the fashionable hijab fun and colorful. I moved to London and surrounded by Muslims of different origins and strength of deen.

This time being hijabi with western clothes, non Muslims still flirted just enough to be able to get away with it and now the Muslim men themselves joined in, asking if I’m married and how beautiful I looked​… One day a man at work came up to me and said Salam to me and told me my trousers i wore were too tight! I was mortified! How tight were they for a brother to tell me such thing. I went home and checked and realising how bad it was. I had a fellow Muslimah at work she wore abaya and I asked her about how comfortable it was to work in it and no less than 2 week later I was in abaya full time. Like magic men respected me!  There is still the odd case now and then but my abaya made me feel free, I was no longer someone people flirted with, I was respected by all around. 


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    1. Aww, thank you. I feel sometimes people say things and worry about it coming across as rude. But to me it’s not rude unless you insult a person or group directly. These are my own experience​ and thoughts and if people think… I’m wrong well they know where the door it. Thank you got your kind words 🙂 sending love back

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