Who really opresses me?

I have stated I wear abaya in my last post. I wore it out of choice, I love my abaya and proud to wear it and be identified as a muslim… But some think I’m opressed.

I’ve been asked by why I wear abaya, why can’t I just wear my colorful clothes that I have. It’s simple on so many reasons and beneficial in ways you some don’t realise

I wear abaya for Allah because Allah told us wear what is modest. He asks us to do so, so that we do not get harrassed by men. I believe that you can’t achieve modesty in jeans and trousers and bright colors but that is my person opinion. I wouldn’t pray and stand in front of Allah in jeans so I dont believe I should stand in front of non mehrem in such a way. Unfortunately, men will look at women (not all but some) in such away that can lead to desire and wearing bright clothes will make people look faster than wearing toned down shades. We’re asked to cover not wrap our selves, Prophet Muhammed said there will be a day comes​ where people are clothed but naked! Skinny jeans and tight tops, Put a scarf on it does that really make it modest? Ask your self is that how Allah is pleased?

I don’t want to be harrassed and sexualised by men and I really dont want to be in competition with other women. No one really says it but yes some women compete against other women. I’m not in competition with anyone and I have a lot more in life to think of than what the next person thinks of how I’m dressed. Sociaty is dicating what to wear, what is beautiful and how we should look on a day to day basis. It is really sad that young girls are struggling with weight issues because society said slim is sexy, yes times are changing but it’s still far from ok. I wear what i wear because I don’t let others dicate my dress I dont want to have to worry day in and day out if I’m over weight or if something looks fat on me or of my make up is on trend. I don’t want to spend an hour in the mirror day in day getting ready. 1 hour a day can add up to be 15 days of your life wasted a year! That time in a mirror could have been 2 week holiday I could have had with family I could be with… Wasted! And for what doing what is socially expected? Hell no!
Once I was with family in a place that doesn’t like Muslims, I felt like it wasn’t safe to wear abaya so I wore my western clothes (with hijab), to fit in. I felt uncomfortable, unhappy, insecure and untrue to my self, just so I please other. People say I’m opressed when I wear black abaya but I feel free. I’m spoken to not at, I’m taken seriously​. My itentity and personality is from my heart and mind not my clothes. When I had to remove my abaya to please everyone else I felt so opressed and depressed, I lost my identity… My deen went down and my salah went with it all for other not for the sake of Allah.

My abaya says to the world, You can not dicate what I look like. I will not conform to what you want. I am muslim and I am honoured to be a Muslim and for others to identify​ me that way.

The world opresses me when im forced to remove my abaya. Allah liberates me when I cover for him!


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