What not to say about my hijab, abaya and niqab

What color is my hair? How long is your hair?…. A very strange question to ask, I have actually been asked by men whay color or long my hair is. I find it very odd, I mean if I wanted you to see my hair color… I wouldnt be covering it, wearing would be useless. Isn’t that just the logical understanding of hijab, convert so others can’t see it know of the beauty that lies beneath….. For the people that ask the answer is “A” its “a color” and for my length.. “my hair is somewhere between being bald and floor length” and yes I have actually used these as a response.

Do I shower with it on? This is one if those questions where you just think…why? Why on earth would you assume such a stupid thing.

Do I sleep with it on?…. This is just as dumb the last question.

Do I walk around the house with it on?  It in front of husband? No I don’t, I cover up to stop others looking at me not my self, my beauty of for me and my husband and people that are haram to me can see me with out hijab, these people are my parents, brother, uncles, grandparents, grandchildren. There are a few other special cases… But this is the general rule.

Do you miss not wearing it? Yes and no. I miss having my hair out and dressing up in cute outfits, BUTTT I don’t miss the looks and comments I get from others, i don’t miss the stress of needing to look good or worried if I ruined the look. The pros way out the cons. Most of all I do love being identified as Muslim!

Why always black? Well I dress to be modest and not show off. Plus I really do like black!

Why not other colours? I don’t feel the need to wear colored I may wear a colour scarf blue and then but I just don’t have the need to desire to. I really just like black. 

Why not fashionable stuff? Doing modest for the sake of Allah is giving up ask worldly desires. Dressing to look fashionable can lead to the having the need of looking a curtian way and that way can be pleasing to other which can lead to other desires. To me its a small trap from shaytaan that leads down a dark road. 

Niqab is culture not religion! That is not true. Some say Sunna some day fard but it is not culture. We see modest to no have others stare at us, to blend in, to not be harrassed. Forget being fard or Sunna or culture, I went to India and the part I went to I wass the only white person with out niqab I was a sidr sure freak I was stared at in such away that i couldn’t even behind to explain, curiousity, lust, jealousy, desires, confusion, from both men and women alike. For me to blend in and be modest like Islam asks I worse niqab and like magic I was one of them That is why niqab is apart of Islam. It is there when it is needed regardless of opinions.

 All black is oppressive! Goths wear black, they love black. Are they oppressed? 

Niqab is oppressive! Niqab doesn’t stop me having fun or personality or a mind of my own! If I am forced to wear something then it is oppressive, if I chose to wear it, and love wearing it. You still think I’m oppressed? No oppression is something that is forced I am not forced.


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